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News are important Sudanese Buccaneer

خبر مهم هن القرصان السوداني
News are important Sudanese Buccaneer
نبذه تعريفيه عن القرصان عمر يحي عبدالله الملقب (OmerXomer )
هو هاكر سوداني يسكن في امدرمان (الصالحه ) وهو من اقوي الهكر في السودان والعالم العربي معروف باختراقه للمواقع الحكوميه الاسرائيليه والبرازيليه فقد كان اخر اختراق له قبل ان يسافر خارج السودان لدراسة الجامعه اختراق بنك اسرائيلي كبير وما زالت السلطات تبحث عنه
وقد شكل خطرا كبيرا علي المواقع الصهيونيه.

IEEE Sudan Entrepreneurship Center (IEC)

We know that every year new intelligent brains enter or graduate from universities in Sudan , there ideas have no limits and innovation is their habits. Sadly, most of the time their creativity is faced with no one to listen or support. All what they need is someone to be concerned, to guide and ready to open the closed doors to unlock their potential, and this is what we do.

IEEE Computer Society (CC STC)

The newly established IEEE Computer Society Cloud Computing Special Technical Community (CS CC STC) is actively engaged in fostering cloud computing by developing and disseminating cloud computing knowledge, facilitating information exchange, and providing technical and management support. Its work is complementary to the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative (IEEE CCI). The CS CC STC membership is open to IEEE and IEEE Computer Society members and nonmembers.

For details and to join, visit



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IEEE Monthly Forum - Second Forum

Did you ever wonder what the latest in telecom technologies is?
How you ever wondered what is this big talk about Mobile Broadband is all about?
What will the Future of Telecom generations be lik?

IEEE SUDAN continues its Tech Forums with its one of a kind session by Ericsson’s own Sudanese Engineer, Mr. Hani Arabi and a team of Ericsson's outstanding latest technology insiders on

LTE technology and MBB (Mobile broadband).

Please Reserve your seat by registering here



IEEE SUSTECH Student Branch is happy to announce the Result of the elections for 2011:

On behalf of the elections executive committee, we are glad to announce the result of the branch elections.

Ali Mohammed Alhassan.
Vice Chair
Taqwa Salah Warrag.
General Secretary
Moumen Mohammed .
Israa Husam Satti .

Thanks for all the student members who participate in the voting process.


IEEE Sudan Subsection Executive Committee Elected

Finally the Wait is over! After weeks of Voting, We are happy to announce that the first Executive Committee to the Sudan Subsection is:
Chair : Dr. Shareif Fadul

Vice Chair: Dr.Amir Abdelfattah Ahmed Eisa

General Secretary: Eng. Tarig Ahmed Khalid

Treasurer : Eng. Tariq Faysal Kamil

Student Branch Representative: The Position has been canceled from the election and would be appointed by the new board


Election Deadline

Dear IEEE Sudan Members
The election deadline is this Thursday 19 / 1 /2012, 4 pm (GMT +3)

If you did not cast your vote yet, please VOTE now.

The election results would be announced: Monday 23/1/2012

Mussab Mustafa Hassan
Subsection Nominating Committee Chair


IEEE Sudan,,Starting 2012 Early!

* Did you ever wonder how the World’s largest Tech giants became giants?
* Did ever get frustrated at how Bright Ideas never see reality?
* Ever wondered how the Engineers working inside these mega enterprises interact in order to dominate markets?

IEEE SUDAN welcomes 2012 with its one of a kind session by Microsoft’s own Sudanese born Engineer, Mr. Mubarak ElAmin on “ An Insight to Microsoft: A look on the Inside & The Innovation Life Cycle”.

Don’t Miss This Rare Opportunity!!

IEEE Sudan SubSection Elections

These are the list of the nominations made by the IEEE Sudan Members.

1- Dr. Shareif Fadul Babikir

Vice Chair
1- Dr Jacqueline John George
2- Dr. Amir Abdelfattah Ahmed Eisa

General Secretary
1- Dr. Rania A.Mokhtar
2- Eng. Tarig Ahmed Khalid

1- Eng. Amna alabbas Arabi (NIC)
2- Eng. Mohamed Taha
3- Tariq Faysal Kamil

SB Representative:
1- Sara Doka
2- Abeer Awad


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